We can help you make sure you have the right software solutions and that you are getting them at the right price.


If you are using IBM Domino and have 100 or 200 PVUs, we can pretty much guarantee you are out of compliance.  Let us help you understand all the licensing models and which is best for you.  Do you qualify for Express, IBM’s small to mid-size business offering?  Did you move to Dual Entitlement licensing that covers your server, but still pay for PVUs on your last renewal?  Do you understand whether or not you are required to have IBM License Management Tool installed on your servers?

If you do get audited, you want to have a trusted partner who understands the licensing rules better than the auditors do to help defend you.  The more information we have on your environment, the better protected you are.


Not all sellers are the same. Buy from the company that’s read the licensing agreements and can help keep you on track.