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Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc. (STS) launches Enterpreneur Training Division, Simplified Business Startups (SBS).


Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc. (STS) is launching a new division of the company, which will focus on training and educating people interested in starting their own businesses.

Specifically, Simplified Business Startups (SBS) will focus first on coaching technical experts who are interested in making the transition from being employees to being business owners. "With the uncertainty in the economy and the job market, many professionals are exploring their options," says Lisa Duke, CEO of STS and leader of the new division of the company. "Simply showing up for work and doing a good job no longer ensure financial security. We find many people are interested in how we've build a small business and are looking to avoid the pitfalls as they launch their own consulting practices."

Lisa Duke announced the new offering, including a free introductory session, on Episode 32 of the "This Week in Lotus" podcast. To listen to the podcast visit To register for the free introductory session, which will be held February 15, 2011 at noon EST, or for the eight week course on "Starting and Running a Lotus Consultancy", which will cost $995, visit our Events Page.

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