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Case Study

STS and Paraklete Financial Case Study by Terri Conroy

September 7th, 2007

In 2006, a laptop stolen from an employee of Fidelity Investments compromised the confidential information of over 196,000 current and former Hewlett-Packard employees1. This data security breach and others like it have prompted Congress to debate legislation that would prescribe new requirements for government agencies and businesses on how to deal with data breaches and data theft.

The notion of a security breach used to keep Tom Tillery awake at night. His firm, Paraklete Financial, is a fee-only financial planning firm serving high net worth individuals. A data breach like Fidelity's would be catastrophic to the company. And because Paraklete operates as a virtual business where employees and clients are located throughout the country, the IT security challenges are even greater. "The whole concept for us was about implementing and maintaining higher security protocols for everything - from laptops to operating systems to networks," says Tillery.

After meeting with several IT consultants who, Tillery says, offered little more than a "deer in the headlights" look, he talked with Darren Duke of Simplified Technology Solutions. "When Darren and I talked about our technology needs, I told him I wanted to exceed industry standards," says Tillery. "He took that as a great challenge and embraced it."

Duke recommended moving Paraklete to a Domino platform. "Domino is well suited for security, offering multiple layers of protection," says Duke. "As long as your password is complex enough, you can protect all of the data on your laptop - from emails to presentations." Duke presented his recommendations and with the Domino solution, he was able to deliver the level of security Paraklete needed.

"Darren is able to communicate with me in language I understand and present solutions in language I understand," says Tillery. "He gives me enough information to make an informed decision."

Tillery also appreciates STS's problem-solving skills. Recently, Paraklete employees noticed that emails from a major client, a Fortune 500 IT company, were coming into the wrong server. Duke investigated and found a misconfiguration on the client side that failed to update the servers with new address information. "It's a serious error," says Duke, "Internet addresses change constantly." Duke explained the situation to Tillery, who then contacted the client. "I had to call this large IT company and tell them they were doing something wrong," says Tillery. The client, however, thanked Tillery and acknowledged that they knew there was a problem but couldn't identify it on their end.

Paraklete and STS forged their relationship in 2006 and it's been a strong one since then. Tillery credits this to STS's professionalism and their client focus. "They go above and beyond," he says, "I feel like I've known them forever."

Security issues have you concerned? Contact STS and find out how our solutions can protect your data. Call us at 678-638-6688.

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