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Case Study

STS and Dynamix Case Study by Terri Conroy

March 20th, 2007

Dynamix Group, a Roswell, GA-based Information Technology company, credits its success during the last ten years to providing customers with the highest levels of service. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Dynamix Group takes pride in understanding customer needs and delivering solutions designed to specifically address business goals.

“We are a relationship-oriented kind of company,” says Rick Scott, Services Manager at Dynamix Group. “We strive to create strong customer relationships that are going to help sustain us over the long term.”

Because they set the bar for service very high, it can be difficult finding the right resources for projects that must be outsourced. “The challenge is not finding people with the right skills,” says Scott. “It’s bringing in resources who we trust and who we know are going to do the type of work that we want them to do.”

One of the skill sets Dynamix Group looks for is Lotus Domino, which led them to Simplified Technology Solutions (STS). In working with Darren Duke, Scott recognized that STS was a company he could depend on to deliver the high level of service his customers expect. “When you’re getting resources and you don’t know who they are, it can have a negative impact,” says Scott, “When we work with companies like STS, we know they do the same type of job we would do if we were there ourselves.”

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Dynamix Group is proud of its association with the company known throughout the world for excellent customer service. “Our sales reps are committed to their customers and want to know what’s happening at their accounts,” says Scott. “My job is to make them feel comfortable by bringing in resources like Simplified Tech that we trust and who we know will do the work we want them to do.”

If you’re looking for a technology partner you can count on to provide the same high level of customer service that you do, contact us at at 678-638-6688. The Dynamix Group can be reached at

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