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STS and a Fortune 50 Global IT Case Study by Terri Conroy

June 1st, 2007

One of the most important components of a successful IT project is collaboration. The sharing of insight and information across a team can mean the difference between a project that deploys on time and on budget and one that doesn’t.

Shari Standridge, a Project Manager in Global IT for a large Fortune 50 company in Atlanta, GA, looks for this type of hand-in-hand approach from the consultants she brings in on projects.

“A lot of consultants just want a set of requirements so they can go build,” says Standridge. “I prefer a more collaborative approach.” That’s why when she staffs projects she looks for people who not only understand the technology, but who work to understand the business objectives.

For a recent project, Standridge found that Simplified Technology Solutions (STS) fit the bill perfectly. STS, one of Atlanta’s leading provider of custom solutions for the BlackBerry platform and a BlackBerry Alliance Member, had extensive experience with the type of project Standridge was leading – enabling a Lotus Notes application to run on a BlackBerry.

“We had a working relationship with them, and knew the quality of the work they provided,” says Standridge. But she acknowledges that STS’s value comes from more than just technical expertise. “STS offers a much more collaborative approach. They look at the business needs and the impact to the users and make recommendations.”

Understanding the impact to the users of the application is a critical part of the design process, and Standridge appreciates that STS takes the time to so. Rather than blindly following the requirements, STS offers feedback and points out areas where a change may be technically feasible, but it doesn’t make sense from the end user’s perspective.

“STS always takes the time to understand what the business is trying to accomplish,” says Standridge. “At times that can be challenging, so we really appreciate the willing attitude.”

Are you looking for consultants who can offer a more collaborative approach to your latest IT project? Call us at 678-638-6688.

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