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Case Study

STS and Cargo Brokers Case Study by Abigail Brown

July 26, 2010

While many iSeries clients have done well for years using Pop3 email on the iSeries, Nicole Steinmetz from Cargo Brokers International, Inc. was interested in more. While the firm did have email, they were interested in leveraging many of the advantages of an in-house mail server.

“Since setting up our Domino mail server, we've been able to coordinate calendars and manage conference rooms much more easily,” says Steinmetz, the CIO. “And with 8.5, we've also been able to leverage iCal feeds to pull in external calendars so we have all the information we need in one place”.

Initially, Steinmetz admits to being reluctant to add mail to their System i. “I spend most of my time managing our Windows environment, and so have not had the time to become a huge expert in the AS400. It just runs, and so we get to ignore it. But we realized, that reliability and low need for maintenance is the exact reason to add more systems to the AS400, not less.”

While there have been some limited training needs, Steinmetz finds the Domino server very manageable. “We know how to do the basics – add and remove users and things like that. We see our partner for about a half day a quarter to come in and help with more advanced tasks. But it doesn't take much time to maintain compared to what we were using, and we get a lot more functionality.”

The team at Cargo Brokers was accustomed to using Outlook to check email before, but after an initial lunch and learn and a further half day of end user training, the company's users found the transition simple. “With 8 and above, the interface is so similar to what we were using, there were relatively few questions when we first rolled out. And with the sideshelf [also called sidebar], we've been able to add additional functionality to make it even more like what we were used to”. Cargo Brokers have extended the core Lotus Notes client with additions like Google Gadgets.

Steinmetz has been satisfied with the overall implementation, and credits her partners with supporting her and making the transition painless. “Simplified Technology Solutions, our Lotus partner, provides us with occasional support and are always there to help if we have questions. We really enjoy working with them.”

For additional questions, or to learn more about the benefits of adding a Domino mail server to your System I, call STS at 678-638-6688.

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