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Lotus Notes R8 Technical Brief Update

UPDATE: R8 to released 08/17/2007

by Darren Duke



Updated 11/23/2007: For information on BES and R8 see news item.

A few of you asked for an update (and some screen shots) after STS have been using the R8Beta2 for a while. So here it is.

We actually upgraded to the final public beta (R8Beta3) and have been running it in house for over a month with few issues. I would expect to see it go gold sometime in August. Go here to see the original brief. So without further ado here are the screen shots:

Lotus Notes Client Screens

Productivity Tools Screens

Remember the Productivity Tools are MS Office compatible, both to open and to save the MS formats. IBM have a white paper outlining the features of the tools hereIBM believes most clients using the MS Office stack could save between $200 and $400 per user per year. Right now IBM Lotus Quickr does not integrate into the Productivity Tools but hopefully that will happen when R8 is released. Contact STS to arrange a demo.

Other R8 Information

Ed Brill, IBM Lotus Worldwide Sales Executive has an excellent webcast, "The Top 8 Reasons Why You'll Love IBM Lotus Notes 8", available here. The highlights include:

  • Over 2000 user design sessions were held with end users, not IT folks
  • Multi level undo functions (up to 50)
  • "Intelligent Addressing", moves your most used email addresses to the top of you addressee selection
  • Real time spell checking
  • Mail recall, pull back a previously sent email from one or more recipients
  • Major calendar improvements
  • Major contacts improvements, including business card views
  • Productivity office applications useful for over 80% of end users
  • Enhanced integration with Instant messaging and presence awareness
  • Personal and public document libraries via Lotus Quickr, and Activites via Lotus Connections
  • Find information faster with advanced search options and integration with Google Desktop and Yahoo
  • Client runs on Windows, Linux or Mac (including productivity office applications)

Should your organization require resources to help with any aspect of you design, development, testing, training or implementation please don't hesitate to contact STS for a quote.

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