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WICKSoft Mobile Documents

by Darren Duke


Have you ever been out of the office and realized you forgot to send that proposal to the client? Wouldn’t be great if you could just access your file server or SharePoint from your BlackBerry and be done, rather than having to drag out the laptop and hope you can remember how to VPN in? Well, good news – WICKSoft has solved the problem, and the new version is better than ever.

New Features and Improvements:

  • Access to Exchange 2003 folders. BlackBerry users can now have direct access to any document stored in their Exchange server, including those in Public and Delegate folders, their contact list or calendar. Users are also able to sync meetings and contacts from Public folders with their BlackBerry.
  • Support for Exchange 2007. Allows users to send documents stored on their network as attachments using their internal email system.
  • Support for Novell’s newest collaboration solution: Teaming + Conferencing.
  • Support for emailing documents as Windows file links.
  • Support for viewing links to documents received via BlackBerry email.
  • Support for Office 2007. With full fidelity real time viewing of docx, xlsx, and pptx documents.
  • Better BES integration. BES admins now have total control of deployment.

Remember, WickSOFT Mobile Documents layers on top of the industry leading security brought by the BlackBerry platform, including full encryption and remote wipe. It is in effect more secure than being plugged into the LAN.

"You can even control access to individual files available to a specific BlackBerry user or group of users," says Darren Duke, Technical Lead. "This allows for security on a document by document or folder by folder basis. After all, you may not want EVERY file to be accessible from the BlackBerry smartphone. WICKSoft Mobile Documents allows an incredible level of granularity in this respect," adds Duke.

Network administrators can also control if a given user can download files to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Adds Duke, "As anyone connected with STS knows, we don’t offer product recommendations for software lightly, but should your organization need this type of functionality, WICKSoft Mobile Documents is best solution out there. In fact the technical folks here at STS were so impressed with the product, that we have become an authorized reseller of the product suite."

If you would like a demonstration of WICKSoft Mobile Documents or a trial for your environment contact STS today.

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