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MDS Runtime Install Instructions for BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3

by Darren Duke


RIM's Mobile Data System gives developers a framework for rapid application development on BlackBerry smartphones that are attached to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). MDS applications are created in MDS Studio (an Eclipse based IDE) or a plug in to Visual Studio. These applications are then “published” to the BES. To take advantage of this environment the smartphone will need the MDS Runtime application installed on the device.

The user will first need to extract the MDS Runtime to the hard drive of a computer that has BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed. MDS Runtime is an application that RIM ships with BES and may also be on the installation disk that came with the smartphone (simply search for mdsruntime.alx).

MDS Runtime is device OS specific, so if you have a 4.1 device you must use a 4.1 alx file, 4.2 must use a 4.2 alx, etc. Failure to install the correct version will lead to smartphone crashes or MDS errors.

Currently, MDS Runtime can only be installed on a smartphone only when it is tethered to a computer. Connect the device via a USB cable, open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, locate and click on “Application Loader”:

BlackBerry Desktop Manager

click on image for larger view.

Hit next to start the application loader wizard utility:


click on image for larger view.

At the next screen you may see a nothing listed in application name list, or you may see a list of applications, either way click the “Add” button:


click on image for larger view.

Browse to the folder containing the MDSRuntime.alx file you extracted to the Hard Drive. Highlight “MdsRuntime.alx” and click “Open” (note in this example we are installing on to a 4.2 device OS):


You will then be prompted to ensure you wish to install the application. Click that you do. The software will install and the device will reset.


Once the BlackBerry has restarted there is a new icon on the Home Page, MDS Control Center:

BlackBerry Home Screen with MDS Icon

Ensure the “arrow” icon is green and not red. If it is red then an error occurred and MDS may not be installed correctly on your BES. If green, open the application:

MDS Runtime with no applications installed

To install applications published to your BES, hit the menu button or trackwheel and select “Search”:

MDS Runtime Search

In the search box enter the name of the application (or a keyword in the keyword section) that your MDS/BES admin gave to you and hit the “search" button:

MDS Runtime Name Search

When your application appears, select it and use the menu button to “Install” it:

MDS Runtime Install Application

Once selected the application will be downloaded and installed. An icon for the newly downloaded application will also be place on the home screen. You can now start the application:

MDS Runtime Application Successfully Installed

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