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BES 4.1.5 is now available

by Darren Duke


UPDATE 05/07/2008 - 4.1.5 has now been certified by RIM to run on 8.0.1, see here.

STS is now running the official release (ie, not beta) version of 4.1.5 of BES for Lotus Domino. We have been running beta and pre-release versions for over 2 months. We are pleased to announce that RIM has added full Domino R8.0.0 support. We can now happily accept, reject and create meeting invites for our BlackBerry smart phones once again.

With 4.1.5, there are some net new features, but many of these will not be available on the smart phone until the 4.5 device software is released later this year. See the last paragraph for the 4.5 upgrade features.

On the server side, the new browser based "BlackBerry Monitoring Service" allows BES administrators to set up simple but effective monitoring of the BES components via SNMP. It’s not there by default and requires a separate install once BES is upgraded. For large organizations running IBM Tivoli or Nagios monitoring, this won’t be a replacement, but it’s still useful. It includes many pre-built reports that can be exported to PDF, HTML or CSV. See things like "Top 50 Users" without having to code SQL against the BesMgmt database. Or create your own with the built in report writer if you need something more specific.

Additionally, the BES SQL Server databases can now be installed on 64 bit versions of SQL Server. This should give organizations with a large install base much better scalability and performance. The BES install itself is still a 32 bit application for now, so no 64 bit support there yet.

MDS Applications that worked in 4.1.4 also worked flawlessly in 4.1.5 using the BlackBerry MDS Runtime v1.1.2.26 client.

One interesting note is that when we upgraded from 4.1.4 to 4.1.5 during the first week of March, we had to upgrade MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) manually. Although the BES installer failed, it still told me about this issue, I had to download and install the upgrade (2.8a) manually from Microsoft's site.

When the 4.5 device software upgrade is available the following will be available via the 4.1.5 BES:

  • Remote search (and download) of email stored on the server
  • Better integration into Sametime (click to call, etc)
  • Server side free time lookup for meeting requests
  • Download attachments and edit Word and PowerPoint files

Overall, we are happy with the performance of 4.1.5 and think our clients will be as well. All clients on a maintenance contract will be contacted to have the upgrade scheduled. We’re looking forward to the release of the 4.5 device software and will publish our review of that once we’ve had a chance to install and monitor the public release versions.

If you have any questions about running 4.1.5 in your environment contact us today. STS your source for certified BlackBerry resources.

Note 4.1.5 does NOT support 8.0.1 but we have been running 4.1.5 on it since 8.0.1 was release to IBM partners. We have had no issues to date, but it will not be supported by T-Support.

Get 4.1.5 from the BlackBerry download site.

As some of you may not yet have upgraded to R8 (and go to R8.0.1 it is much faster), you may want to check out these articles:

Should your organization require resources to help with any aspect of your design, development, testing, training or implementation please don't hesitate to contact STS.

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