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2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc (STS) have completed the 2007 customer satisfaction survey.

At STS we strive to give customers the experience they deserve and ensure that their needs are matched by our skills. The only way to find out if we are achieving our own high standards is to ask current customers to take a survey. For the purposes of full disclosure some response categories were removed to protect the identity of the customers, although no responses were removed due to negative feed back.

100% of the respondents said they were Highly Satisfied with their overall level of satisfaction with STS. A very impressive 86% responded that STS provides a Much Higher level of service, in comparison to other companies offering the same service.

We wish to thank all the customers who took the time to complete the survey. "To say we are excited about the results is an understatement. We strive to provide our core values of Knowledge, Service and Education to our customers on a daily basis and the results obviously show we do this on a consistent, industry leading basis. Our consultants deserve credit for delivering a quality service and our sales team deserve credit for being straightforward with customers. We always expect to see a good results when we carry out our survey but these results were simply astounding", said Lisa Duke, Business Development Manager at STS. Below are the results from the survey.

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with STS?

Did you feel the service you received was valuable?

How do we rate on the following attributes?

Did the consultant educate you in addition to fixing the problem?

How do you rate STS in comparison to other companies offering the same services?

How likely are you to continue using the services of STS?

Have you ever recommeded STS to others?

How likely are you to recommend STS to a friend or colleague?

"I think the results speak for themselves, if you have a need in an area that matches our skills, there is not another company that can provide what we provide", said Duke.

If your company has a need, and you wish to receive the type of service outlined above contact STS, a BlackBerry Alliance Member and IBM Advance Partner. While you are visiting our site, head on over the articles section to view business and technical articles related to the areas that you have interest in.

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